Best Tips for Interview Performance

Best Tips for Interview Performance

There are a few things we look for every time we evaluate a potential addition to our Fresh Success Marketing Group culture. Along with the requisite skills and experience, we want to hear impressive answers to common questions. Here are a few ways candidates can stand out from the crowd when interviewing with our firm.

We pose the standard, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question during our interview process. It’s not that we want to hear a specific position as someone’s goal; it’s more a matter of whether the person is dedicated to constant improvement. If his or her objectives seem to be based on professional growth, we know we’ve found a potential fit.

It’s also important that we bring strong team players into the Fresh Success Marketing Group fold, so we ask for instances in which every applicant played an important part in a winning project. We like to hear candidates spread the credit around while still making cases for themselves as uniquely talented individuals.

When we ask about a person’s weaknesses, we want to hear certain types of answers. Rather than saying they care too much or some other strong point disguised as a weakness, we listen for honest responses that show self-awareness. If someone is working toward improvement, we’re fine with whatever shortcoming he or she might have.

These are a few things we want to hear whenever we evaluate a potential hire. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on Linkedin