Culture-Building Basics That Work

Culture-Building Basics That Work

Visitors to our Fresh Success Marketing Group office notice right away that we’re a different kind of company. There’s an energy that envelopes our team and brings our people together. The secret behind this positive workplace is our leaders’ focus on building a strong company culture.

“Fresh Success Marketing Group is flourishing because of our team,” said Trang, our CEO. “We collaborate on projects and share ideas. Everyone contributes to our firm’s success by bringing their diverse talents and backgrounds to the table. This experience is only possible because we focus on creating a close and positive environment here.”

As Trang explains it, she wants our promotional experts to feel like we’re part of a family. “This is something that is very important to me,” she said. “Everyone should feel comfortable working as one.”

Trang knows the ways to our hearts is through fun and laughter. She’s organized regular team nights, as well as holiday parties that allow us to enhance our working relationships. “I also created a weekly book club in our office,” she said. “This gives us something in common to discuss, while sharing our individual takes on each read.”

Her plan is working. Sara, our HR administrator, stated that Fresh Success Marketing Group is different from the other companies for which she’s worked in the past. “Here, everyone is incredibly supportive, welcoming, and positive,” Sara noted. “There are tons of friendships in the office and people really want each other to succeed.”

Our team-building efforts are ongoing. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about our approach to building a positive workplace environment.