How to Engage Your Team Philanthropy

How to Engage Your Team Philanthropy

From the very beginning, our Fresh Success Marketing Group culture has embraced giving back to our community. We believe we have a responsibility as a business to promote social good. Fortunately, it’s simple to incorporate philanthropic practices into our workplace. Here are some ways to get more involved in helping others:

” Volunteer Together: We do a lot of activities together in our Fresh Success Marketing Group office. Among the most rewarding are when we can roll up our sleeves together and pitch in for a worthy cause. This might be working at a soup kitchen or lending our professional talents to a charity.

” Enlist Team in the Process: Giving back is a much richer experience when everyone is involved in the planning. Since collaboration is one of our Fresh Success Marketing Group strengths, we harness our team members’ ideas and engage them in finding the right causes and ways to assist them. Their enthusiasm is much stronger when they understand the WHY behind each charitable activity.

” Find Ways to Give All Year: It’s common to see firms give back during the holidays. However, the needs are great all year. We look for ways to give back during other months, not just December.

There are many opportunities to make philanthropy a part of any business model. Like us on Facebook to see how we’re progressing in our efforts to make a difference.