How to Find the Ideal Cause to Support

How to Find the Ideal Cause to Support

We support a wide range of causes as part of the Fresh Success Marketing Group commitment to philanthropy. There are a few simple strategies we apply to make sure we’re helping organizations that represent good fits for our company. Here are the techniques we’ve found most helpful in finding the best social causes:

• Online Research: There are several good options for vetting a nonprofit before you commit to supporting it. Charity Navigator is one of our favorites, both for its ease of use and its extensive list of nonprofits. We can learn how a charity uses the money so that our contribution will make the largest impact possible.

• Finding Shared Values: Just as important as how a nonprofit applies its resources are the values that power its mission. We look for organizations that reflect our core Fresh Success Marketing Group principles, as well as the concerns we have as people. Whatever your people’s passions are, from neglected animals to a cleaner environment, there’s bound to be good causes to go along with them.

• Clarifying Our Goals: We also think about what type of impact we want to make through our giving efforts. Before selecting any cause, we consider if we want to make a small difference in a global issue or focus more on specific needs in our community.

These strategies help us home in on the ideal charities for our giving efforts. To learn more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin