Jocelyn Discusses Her Career Progress

Jocelyn Discusses Her Career Progress

We enjoy highlighting our team members when they take advantage of our Fresh Success Marketing Group commitment to professional growth. Today we’re excited to put Jocelyn in the spotlight for her dedicated approach to improvement.

When asked about the skills she’s learned during her time with Fresh Success Marketing Group, Jocelyn stated, “The most important would be my communication abilities. Being from another country with English as my second language, it was tough to be understood sometimes. Now, I approach people with confidence because I know I can make my point clearly.”

Jocelyn also explained how her professional skills have grown since coming to our company. She commented, “My work ethic has always been strong, but it’s sharpened even further since I joined the team. I’m more eager to learn than ever, simply because of the inspiring atmosphere in which we work.”

The most recent accomplishment in Jocelyn’s career was the opportunity to attend the national conference. She explained, “I learned so much from successful executive managers, who motivated me to achieve my goals. I also took a certification course for social media, which helped me understand the industry from a new viewpoint.”

When it comes to future goals, Jocelyn wants to be promoted to executive manager and build a team with a strong student mentality. She added, “Within five years, I want to be a regional or even national consultant who builds high-performing teams.”

If Jocelyn could share any advice with her younger self, it would be to put aside any kind of fear. She remarked, “It’s essential that you keep striving for success, and that you ask for help when needed.”

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