Networking Icebreakers to Set the Mood

Networking Icebreakers to Set the Mood

It’s important to establish the right type of mood at a big networking event. We’ve found that talking to strangers is a lot easier if we have solid icebreakers in mind. Here are the strategies we use to initiate memorable discussions when we set out to build our Fresh Success Marketing Group networks.

Creating a catchy slogan for yourself is one strategy worth trying. We’ve had success with it because it invites a potential contact to use his or her creativity in a fun way. By sharing a concise summary of unique skills, this technique helps us find common ground without delay.

We also ask what people did the night before a big industry gathering as a way to break the ice. Knowing what someone does for fun is always helpful when it comes to maintaining an interesting conversation. We often learn about a new connections’ favorite hobbies when we pose this question, which leads to engaging discussions.

Simply talking about pop culture is another Fresh Success Marketing Group gateway to deeper network connections. Discussing our favorite TV shows and music are great ways to keep a lighthearted tone and discover shared interests. Once we cover this entertaining ground for a while, it’s easier to discuss business-related topics in productive ways.

We use these conversation starters to bolster our networking efforts.