Powerful Strategies for Better Public Speaking

Powerful Strategies for Better Public Speaking

Speaking in public is something that causes many people anxiety, but it’s also a skill that brings significant value to a career. That’s why we emphasize speaking abilities in the Fresh Success Marketing Group training program. New additions to our team and seasoned associates are steadily working toward being more accomplished presenters. The following strategies are helping us do just that.

The first thing we do when we have a big speech coming up is learn as much as possible about our audience. If we know details about our listeners’ age range, business concerns, and other key factors, we can tailor our remarks accordingly. We’ve learned that we can’t just give the same speech to different types of audiences, however strong the content might be.

It’s also important that we’re our authentic selves when we’re at the podium. People appreciate authenticity when they’re listening to a speech, so we do our best to let our unique personalities shine through. We try to use the same relaxed style we would use when talking to friends around the dinner table.

Telling stories is another effective device we’ve used in Fresh Success Marketing Group speeches. When we tie our main points into compelling narratives, there’s a much better chance that our listeners will remember what we want them to learn.

These simple techniques have elevated our speaking confidence.