Questions That Help Candidates Stand Out

Questions That Help Candidates Stand Out

We’re looking for a range of qualities and skills when we evaluate potential additions to the Fresh Success Marketing Group workplace. Perhaps more than anything else, the questions a candidate asks leave a lasting impression on our hiring managers. Here are a few things every jobseeker should ask about to impress a potential employer.

It’s always helpful to know how success will be measured in a company. That’s why we like to hear this type of question from a prospective hire. It shows that a person is organized and committed to thriving while fitting in with the Fresh Success Marketing Group ethos.

We also listen for questions about what types of behaviors lead to success within our company. When we’re asked about specific traits that power great performance, we can assume that the candidate is ready to display those qualities should he or she get the job.

Honest feedback is an important part of our developmental strategy, so hearing a candidate ask about it is always refreshing. It’s good to know that a person is serious about taking input from others and applying it to make real improvements. It’s especially encouraging if the person asks how feedback is delivered and how often it occurs.

These types of questions help jobseekers make positive impressions on potential employers.