Reliable Public Speaking Strategies

Reliable Public Speaking Strategies

We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to engage an audience through our Fresh Success Marketing Group public speaking experiences. Although we’re not yet experts, we’ve found that the following strategies help us make lasting impressions every time we take the stage.

One thing we always keep in mind when preparing for a speech is that memorization isn’t a good idea. Simply reading from a script isn’t effective when it comes to building rapport with an audience, so we prefer to write clear outlines for our presentations that still leave room for improvisation.

We also study great speakers both in person and online to get a better understanding of what works for them. By implementing what we learn into our own vocal styles, nonverbal actions, and overall presence, we give ourselves a better chance to be remembered in a positive light.

Slowing down when we’re at the podium has also made a positive impact on our Fresh Success Marketing Group presentations. Although we don’t want to creep along at a glacial pace, we do want our listeners to hang on every word at least a little bit. That’s why we build pauses into our speeches and take deep breaths between sections.

These techniques have helped us elevate our public speaking games around the Fresh Success Marketing Group office. To learn more about our company culture, follow us on Linkedin