Want to Get Ahead? Do What Business Powerhouses Do

Want to Get Ahead? Do What Business Powerhouses Do

Who knew that making our beds every morning could be one of the routines that ultimately leads to career advancement? During Fresh Success Marketing Group meetings, we often discuss what it takes to excel in the business world. We examine the rituals of successful entrepreneurs to see what they do differently. Here’s what we learned.

Many business powerhouses understand the value of exercise, eating right, and getting enough sleep to be properly rested. In fact, as we’ve noted in our Fresh Success Marketing Group office, these activities tend to be must-follow routines. The reason following these rituals has a profound impact on success is they impact energy levels. Physical activity increases blood flow. Complex carbohydrates and lean protein help sustain a steady blood sugar range, which means less dips and spikes.

Treating people right is another practice these individuals embrace. As we’ve noted during Fresh Success Marketing Group training sessions, great leaders know to follow the Golden Rule – doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. They practice active listening and strive to understand what matters to others. They seek input and advice, and appreciate what they receive.

Time management is another key we’ve been reading about, and much of it centers on how we plan our days. From hand-writing task lists to not overdoing it, there is much to learn from business icons.

Now, let’s revisit why making our beds is important. If nothing else, we start the day with one key accomplishment. Follow us on Twitter for more career tips.